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Tobias Stretch Talks His ‘Stressful But Exhilirating’ Improvised Stop-Motion Music Video

Animator Tobias Strech continues his stream of painstaking, analog stop-motion work with his music video for Dirt Bikes’ “Ocean = Amazing.”

“I’ll never forget watching The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb for the first time many years ago, that really left an impression on me and to think that they had to shoot on film with no way to preview what they had just shot is truly remarkable,” he tells The Creators Project. “All the shots were improvised on the fly in a day and a half. Shooting and moving frame by frame is always a tedious and exhausting race against the sunset, it can be stressful but exhilarating as hell once you start getting into a groove while working with a beautiful location, light and clouds. Lucky shoots really make all the struggle worth it.”

Watch below and read the full story here.