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TNDV Brings Multicamera Production to Reality TV

As reality TV’s ongoing success is tied to the unusual and unexpected, the nontraditional approach of mobile production specialist TNDV has proven an ideal match for programs like The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The TNDV staff works alongside single-camera production teams to strategize and enhance diversity in coverage, employing long lenses, jibs, Steadicams and robotic systems—all recorded independently, along with multitrack audio.

For The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the TNDV team documented the opening of A Mother’s Love, a play written by Kandi Burress, one of the show’s cast members. Using a multicamera production model, Nic Dugger, TNDV president and owner, and his team captured the nervous energy—and ultimate success—of Burress and the rest of the cast as the play came to life.