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Times Square’s Midnight Moment Ushers in Spring with High-Speed Color

Times Square’s Midnight Moment series will usher in spring with Japanese artist 

Naoko Tosa whose 

Sound of Ikebana (Spring)

will run from 11:57 PM through midnight on digital billboards throughout the month of April. 

The video installation was inspired by ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangement based around asymmetrical triangular forms, and uses high-speed videography filmed at 2000 frames per second to depict liquid paint gracefully flying across a black background.

“It seems only fitting that Tosa’s piece, which combines sound and vibrant color with international culture and history, should come to Times Square, where influences from all around the world settle into our colorful hustle and bustle,” said Times Square Alliance president Tim Tompkins.


Sound of Ikebana (Spring)