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Time-Lapse Is a Way of Meditation for Photographer Noelia Ramon

Time-lapse photographer Noelia Ramon writes on Video and Filmmaker about traveling Australia and New York to create her video which she calls “a way of meditation.”

“As soon as I’m on location, I scout around to find the best spots, find the perfect composition and from there, just look what is happening,” she writes. “How the clouds or the waves move and their speed, so I can adjust the interval, how people interact and walk around, so I can find the perfect angle and the right shutter speed for what I want to achieve, the right exposure… It is like a dance performance; this is the way I feel it. And from there, I just breathe and continue looking, connecting with my inner child, with that curiosity about life and our surroundings.”

Breathing the Planet from Telling Life on Vimeo.