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Time-lapse, Hyperlapse and Dedication Go Into “Imagination”

FStoppers covers the making of the cool video, “Imagination,” directed by Marc Donahue for Permagrin Films. “One of the first things I noticed while watching the behind-the-scenes video was that they had a RED Epic being used in many of the shots, instead of a typical high-end DSLR,” writes Mike Wilkinson, who asked the director why. ““While the Canon 5D Mark III was a perfect camera for stop motion and time-lapse, the RED Epic helped us with anything where video was required. The Red Epic also worked fantastic on the Emotimo TB3 paired with Dynamic Perception’s Stage One.'”

Wilkinson continues, “It wasn’t all REDs and DSLRs though Donahue revealed to me that they actually got away with using a GoPro Hero 4 on a few sequences. One notable scene in particular was on the rollercoaster. They rode several times to work out all of the kinks before doing the final recording.”