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Time-Lapse and Greenscreen Create Energetic, Micro-Budgeted Music Video

Director Maxx Peter and time-lapse photographer Paul Richardson used a Magic Lantern hacked Canon 5D Mark III and a budget of only £500 to create the energetic music video for Jennifer Davies’ “Lapse of Time.”

Part of the video involved Davies greenscreened into time-lapse shots of London, where she performed the song at a 75% speed. The sped up version was then cut on top of the time-lapsed background to create a relatively seamless whole.

Peter tells RedShark News, “Overall, I think the video really goes to show that if you’re prepared to put the hours in and work incredibly hard then you don’t need a massive budget, huge crew or trailers full of equipment. It was a proper team effort and I’m extremely proud of what we achieved.”

Watch below and read the full story here.