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Time-Lapse and Camera Tricks Turn a Night Drive Into Surrealist Music Video

Director/cinematographer Kevin McGloughlin turns a night drive into a surrealist landscape with his music video for Sunken Foal’s “Never Knew.”

As he explains in the video’s description, “This video is a result of countless experiments in a similar vein. All footage/photographs were shot from the inside of a car. The most prominent effect is generated from the 50mm’s depth of field. The use of ‘echo’ effects or ‘mirror’ effects were were not employed with the exception of less than 25 seconds. For my time-lapse sequences, I first shot long exposure time lapses of a car journey. I then spread the photographs out in 3D space and flew a virtual camera through them.”

Watch below.

Never Knew – Sunken Foal Ft.Si Schroeder from Kevin McGloughlin on Vimeo.