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Thrilling Landscapes and Elusive Animals Converge in the ‘Deserts’ Episode of ‘Planet Earth II’

In a new podcast,


speaks to

Planet Earth II

director and producer Ed Charles about his work on the latest episode of the BBC nature series, “Deserts.”

Charles talks about the latest camera tech, production challenges and more that went into making the episode. “[The desert] has so many strengths. It has challenges as well,” he says. “But the thing about the desert is that it’s generally made up of these utterly epic landscapes so that was a real plus point, so I was really excited about doing that. That’s why in the ‘Deserts’ episode we’ve done a little bit more than some of the other episodes have of exploring the environment. So when we’re moving through these slot canyons or going through these crazy rock [formations], it’s because the landscape really lends itself to that. So that is the plus point, the challenge is kind of finding the animals…It’s much harder to find the huge aggregations of animals you get in the grasslands for example. So finding animals and finding stories that would make a compelling sequence in the desert was certainly tricky.”