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The 2019 Camera Comparison Chart Is Live

Tom Fletcher and Gary Adcock’s 2019 Camera Comparison Chart is now available, featuring specs and notable features of 15 of the most popular digital cameras used in film and television today.

“From the beginning, the chart has been designed around providing a tool for cinematographers to help them educate producers with the incredibly large variety of tools available to them,” Adcock explains to American Cinematographer. “We have kept the Camera Comparison Chart focused on mainstream production cameras that are available for rental or purchase around the world to maintain that relevance, but that is also the reason that cameras such as Arri’s Alexa 65 and Panavision’s DXL cameras are not included here, even though those cameras are widely utilized in both television and feature films.”

A lot of thought goes into which cameras and which details to include in the annual, two-page chart. Of the trends he is seeing, Adcock says, “Sensors are getting larger, and I expect them to continue growing, but that does not circumvent the thousands of S35 imagers on the market. Without the physical limitations of analog film, larger sensors and the corresponding data requirements will prevail. It was those limitations of size and weight that allowed 16mm and S35 formats to maintain such an extended lifespan. In the digital world we live in now, often the optics weigh far more than the rest of the camera package combined.”

He continues, “The other trend I see is that some manufacturers are once again making smaller 2/3” sensors for broadcast solutions that need that extended depth of field and lensing capabilities those smaller sensors allow in the news and sports markets.”

Download the full chart here.