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Terry Gilliam on Mixing the Past, Present and Future for ‘The Zero Theorem’

Auteur Terry Gilliam talks to Indiewire about how his worldviews seep into his wildly unique sci-fi/fantasy films, like his latest, The Zero Theorem.

He says, “My thing is that the future isn’t waiting for us to get to it, it’s coming at us. It’s going that way [motions past us]. That’s my theory. Take Liquid Memory, which is this thing in the film. Now I don’t know what the f*** that means. Then I’m reading in the paper about DNA as an organic form of memory, which is getting close to, yes, liquid memory. I just like mixing it up. That’s what I don’t like about most sci fi films. I don’t particularly like sci fi and I never think I’m doing sci fi. The past, the present and the future are altogether all the time. We live in an age when I’ve got one hand on an iPhone, and with the other I’m hand cranking my coffee grinder. That’s the way it is. It’s a mixture. And it’s more fun, anyway, for making silly films.”

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