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‘(T)ERROR’ Co-Director/DP Lyric R. Cabral on Transitioning from Still to Moving Images

Co-director and cinematographer Lyric R. Cabral talks to Indiewire about her Sundance thriller (T)ERROR,

She says, “As a photojournalist accustomed to documenting a decisive moment captured in a still image, it was initially difficult for me to not turn off the camera while filming (T)ERROR. I missed a lot of moments during initial shoots (though we had the audio) as I transitioned from creating still to moving images. While our main character gathered intelligence for the sting operation actively profiled in (T)ERROR, he was often guarded. I consider many shots in the film to be difficult — not in the technical sense — in that they required a substantive time and effort to achieve. In order to visualize the complexities of the informant’s role in the active sting, I had to be patient and roll picture without attempting to turn the camera off.”

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