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The Tennis Channel Employs Doggicam Bodymount

To promote their broadcasts of the French Open, executives from the Tennis Channel conceived a 60-second video that would put viewers in the shoes of tennis pros, giving them a real sense of playing the game. The intimate point of view was achieved with Doggicam Systems’ Bodymount, which allowed the camera to be placed in more than a dozen positions around, behind and over the athletes, providing diverse views of the action. Even with more than 20 setups, the entire video was shot in one day thanks to Bodymount’s speed and ease of setup.

Invented in 1996 and recognized with a Technical Achievement Award from the Society of Camera Operators in 2004, Doggicam’s Bodymount is a vest that enables a camera to be mounted on the person being photographed. Brackets allow the camera to be positioned anywhere around the subject’s body and the vest can be hidden with wardrobe. Cameras that may be used with the support include RED EPIC, ARRI Alexa M, Canon EOS C500, Sony PMW-F55, Vision Research Phantom Miro and DSLRs. Bodymount weighs 8 pounds without camera.