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Television Academy, Interactive Media Peer Group Call for Entries in New Interactive Emmy Category

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS) is nowaccepting entries for nominees for the new Emmy Award category forOutstanding Achievement in Interactive Television Programming, it wasrecently announced by Bryce Zabel, Chairman and CEO, ATAS. The awardfurther extends the Academy’s recognition of the increasing importanceof interactive media and its role in enhancing and extending thetelevision viewing experience for the public.

The Interactive Emmy Award is designed to recognize originalinteractive programming work from July 1, 2001-May 31, 2002 that wasdeployed on a national technological platform. It will be awarded tothe production company that is directly involved with, and primarilyresponsible for, the recognized interactive program. The originalinteractive content must engage the viewer synchronously, or in amanner that in integrally related to the content of a specifictelevision program, such as single episode, regular series, miniseries,movie special, sports, children’s, documentary, or informational.

In order to be considered for this award, entries must be submittedby May 31, 2002, with winners to be notified on July 12, 2002. Theaward for Outstanding Achievement Interactive Television Programmingwill be given out August 21, 2002 during the Engineering AwardsPresentation at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in NorthHollywood.

“The establishment of this award is a significant event in thehistory of television as it recognizes that interactivity is animportant and growing part of the television viewing experience,” saidZabel. “This recognition of outstanding achievement in ITV by theAcademy will add even more credibility to the efforts of thosecurrently working in the industry, and will encourage others to sharetheir vision of what the medium can become in the years ahead.”

Interactive Media Peer Group Governors Chris Swain and Shawn Hardinwish to recognize the dedication and energy of the individuals of thePeer Group’s Emmy Award Committee, including Chairperson Brian SethHurst, and members Stephanie Otto, Tracy Fullerton, Barry Collin,Steven Javor, Sam Punnet, Jefferson Lanz, and Spence Bovee. Theapproval of the award capped three months of intense effort on the partof the committee to define eligibility criteria, and submission andjudging procedures. Reaction to the award from the industry has beenhighly favorable.

Complete info about the award can be found