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TASCAM DR-70D Performs Brilliantly in Punishing Field Conditions

Videographer Duane Regehr needed a recorder that would provide solid audio capture in the field.

<p>As much as photographer and videographer <a href=”… Regehr</a> enjoyed his video shoots in the Karnataka region of southern India, it was hard, hot work. Regehr was especially concerned that the dust, heat and humidity might cause problems with his cameras and his new <a href=””>TASCAM DR-70D</a> field recorder. He need not have worried.</p>
<p>”Everything worked great. The DR-70D was rock solid the entire three weeks we were in India, and it was a hot, humid environment,” recalls the vice president of electronic news monitoring and TV clipping service Cutaway Media. A two-time Emmy Award-winning former television news photographer with KTVB (NBC) and KREM (CBS), Regehr now freelances as a video cameraman for the networks and for local clients in Spokane. He was in southern India on behalf of nonprofit <a href=””>CLIC Abroad</a>, working with producer Dr. Tom Grant of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College to shoot a documentary on the conflicts between elephants and coffee plantation owners.</p>
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<p><span style=”font-size: 10pt; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height:150%; “>Duane Regehr and Dr. Thomas Grant</span></p>
<p>”I needed something that would provide good, solid audio capture in the field. We were shooting in cities, in small villages, out in the jungle, on coffee plantations and in elephant camps,” Regehr recounts. “We needed to be light, fast and mobile, to go where the elephants were. I got a light tripod, mounted the DR-70D on it, put my Nikon 810 camera on top of that, and I had the mobile rig we needed. We relied on the TASCAM DR-70D to carry the audio load, especially for interviews. It worked out really well.”</p>
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