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‘The Sympathetic Imagination’ Displayed Using Sony Projectors

Multimedia artist Diana Thater is known for creating works of art that redefine the physical and conceptual boundaries of how moving images are experienced. Her latest exhibit, The Sympathetic Imagination at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), is a perfect example of video art meeting video technology.

For more than two decades, Diana Thater has been creating groundbreaking installations that use the visual language of film and video to push the boundaries of how moving images are displayed,” says Christine Y. Kim, exhibition co-curator and associate curator of contemporary art at LACMA.

Diana’s works in this exhibition range from single-display standard-definition works to custom-resolution multiple-projector works,” says Patrick Heilman, gallery media manager at LACMA.

The exhibit employs 35 Sony projectors in a combination of laser models (VPL-FHZ700L and FHZ55) and lamp-based units (VPL-FX30 models). Heilman explains, “Gallery sizes and projector mounting systems also varied dramatically, requiring projectors in some cases to be simply small and light, while in others, comprehensively featured and powerful.”

Heilman and his team found it helpful to be able to choose from a range of technology types. “The delineation is essentially the lamp-based units for the earlier works, for which we’re using more than 20 FX30s, and FHZ55 and FHZ700L laser models for the large-scale works.”