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Sweden’s TV4 Finds Reliable Live HD Streaming with AVIWEST

Swedish network TV4 chose AVIWEST's DMNG PRO180-RA video uplink system to deliver "Spring!," a live reality television show.

Recently, the Swedish TV network TV4 was looking for a digital mobile newsgathering solution that could handle the complexities of delivering its new TV program, Spring!, produced by ELK Production together with HD Resources. The concept of Spring! is quite unique. It’s a live reality television program that follows four different couples across the country, filming them for eight hours a day as they hide from the celebrities who are chasing them. Given the quick-paced nature of the show, TV4 needed a digital mobile newsgathering solution that is compact, reliable and effective at delivering high-quality video without latency.

TV4 chose AVIWEST’s DMNG PRO180-RA video uplink system, with a specialized backpack and the DMNG StreamHub receivers. Using the DMNG PRO180-RA, TV4 can deliver live HD transmissions via 3G/4G wireless cellular networks. AVIWEST’s intelligent bonding technology ensures transmission reliability even when cellular network connections are poor or when bandwidth decreases due to network congestion, as the system automatically detects real-time network links. Through the system’s user-friendly interface, TV4 can talk to the studio using the IFB two-way communication channel. This capability is especially useful, as it enables quick adjustments to be made to the video transmission before and during a live recording, guaranteeing an exceptional experience, free of delay, for viewers.

Since the DMNG PRO180-RA weighs only about 1 kg, it’s perfect for transferring between locations. TV4 carries the DMNG PRO system in AVIWEST’s backpack solution. The DMNG StreamHub receiver is used by TV4 for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint video distribution.

Ronan Poullaouec is CTO of AVIWEST.