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Sushi and Psychedelics Inspire Trippy New Rone Music Video

One look at Ilan Cohen and Boris Levy’s music video for Rone’s “Acid Reflux” and it should come as no surprise that it was inspired by sushi and mushrooms (of the psychedelic variety).

The directors tell The Creators Project, “The idea for this music video came from wandering through Tokyo’s dizzying activity and otherworldly lights, soaking up this beautiful, elaborate foreign culture. Yet every time I ate fresh fish I couldn’t help from being reminded of the ecological disaster of Fukushima. The other spark that led to this film was a scientific study about the way hallucinogenic mushrooms actually created connections between different senses within the brain, therefore proving the synesthetic sensations of psychedelics are real. Under the influence of psychoactive substances, sound and color become intertwined, physically.”

Watch below and read the full story here.