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A Sunrise GIF Lights Up Times Square at Midnight

Times Square Arts’ latest Midnight Moments installation is a digital sunrise that will light up Times Square for three minutes every midnight in March. Called Mountain Light/Time, the animated GIF was created by artist Lorna Mills.

“I work with screen capture GIFs that I find and collect every day,” Mills explains to The Creators Project. “I have thousands from various sources stored on my hard drive. Most of my current work involves altered and collaged compositions of animated GIFs that I have culled from the less refined corners of the internet. Several years ago I got bored by the relentless four edges on my GIFs and wanted to make them occupy a web page in a more interesting way, so I started marqueeing out the backgrounds at right angles, frame by frame. It’s a very laborious process. For this particular piece, the source is a GIF of a mountain sunrise, highly accelerated. I cut out the parts of the landscape that I thought were extraneous to the action of light moving across and down the rock, and added a deep golden color to the negative space.”