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Stylized ‘Lost River’ Visuals Enhanced at Company 3

Ryan Gosling was adamant about filling Lost River, his directorial debut, with visceral, unforgettable imagery. He achieved this goal through collaborations with cinematographer Benoît Debie and Company 3 colorist Siggy Ferstl.

“Ryan wanted to bring a unique look to this very stylized drama,” Ferstl recalls. “Benoît combined a number of different approaches for the film. The day scenes were primarily shot in a fairly naturalistic style, but for much of the night work, he used a lot of rich colors motivated by traffic lights and street lights and a lot of fluorescent sources. We intensified the saturation even further in the grade.”

Ferstl says that Gosling encouraged Debie to experiment with color and make creative use of darkness. “This was a really exciting project for me to work on,” Ferstl concludes. “Ryan and Benoît made very bold color choices during production and that made this the kind of job colorists dream of.”