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Storage Pro Jen Soule: ‘Digital Content Is a Vicious Task-Master’

Other World Computing president Jen Soule talks to Pro Video Coalition about the challenges that post-production professionals face today when it comes to storage.

She says, “Digital content is a vicious task-master for people in the industry. It devours storage capacity at faster and faster rates – great for storage vendors, not so great for everyone else. Based on years of working with professionals, we always recommend carefully calculating the amount of storage needed and then erring on the side of having more capacity…just in case…As a rule of thumb, our customers tell us that content acquisition consumes about 20 percent of their storage usage. Production/post production accounts for about 40 percent, distribution uses about 10 percent and then archiving takes up the remaining 30 percent or so. That adds up quickly, so for any project, it is easy for the storage requirements to just balloon. A 4K hour-long movie is four times more vivid than an HD video, but it often ends up consuming 10-12TB of storage.”

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