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Steven Soderbergh Gives Up Control on ‘The Girlfriend Experience’

Steven Soderbergh’s new Starz series The Girlfriend Experience has only a few things in common with his 2009 movie of the same name. Though both center on the life of a prostitute, the main character and storylines are different. And in lieu of directing it himself, Soderbergh brought together two other filmmakers, Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz, to write and direct the whole thing–with Soderbergh serving as an executive producer and advisor.

“I told them: ‘Be as bold as you can. I’m giving you the keys to the Jaguar and I want you to drive it as fast as you can around as many hairpin curves as you can,’” Soderbergh tells The New York Times. “‘The only thing I’m expecting is that this doesn’t look or feel like what is typically seen on television.’ That’s really all I cared about, that and staying on budget.”