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Steve Yedlin, ASC, on Controlling the Look of Mystery Movie ‘Knives Out’ (Studio Daily)

Daniel Craig in ‘Knives Out.’ Photo by Claire Folger.

Knives Out, writer-director Rian Johnson’s fond, fast-paced and funny homage to detective fiction — and Agatha Christie in particular — reunites Johnson with cinematographer Steve Yedlin, ASC, his behind-the-camera collaborator since his 2005 debut film, Brick. Yedlin, a member of the AMPAS Science and Technology Council, advocates for ways of considering the photographic image that go beyond the base level of camera specs and pixel-counting. Instead, he argues for a focus on color and tonal rendering and color pipeline design rather than a fixation on issues like digital vs. film, or counting Ks on a camera’s sensor.” – Source: Studio Daily

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Knives Out DP Steve Yedlin passionately discusses why the device used to capture the images is secondary to the final result, as well as some of the references that led to the final look of the film. “One thing Rian and I did discuss in our brief references phase of Knives Out was the [Robert] Altman style of weaving characters together in a space with a fluid, evolving camera that combines dolly moves, zooms and pans. That was a basic guiding principle for us.”