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Spotlight: Zach Zamboni, Cinematographer, ‘Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations’

Cinematographer Zach Zamboni brings artistry and adventure to his nonfiction and documentary work. A two-time Emmy Award recipient, Zamboni recently wrapped the final season of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.

Zach Zamboni

What have been the highlights of the show for you?
Zach Zamboni: There are lots of moments for me on the road: trying to stay on the back of a Ferrari winding through Emilia-Romagna at sunset, shooting from the top of a blossoming apple tree in Burgundy, drinking caipirinhas with the guys at a little corner bar in Rio, watching Tony walk away in the last shot of No Reservations.

What were some issues and challenges you encountered in the production process?
As we embrace new technologies, new camera systems and various formats, we really had to work hard to get it all tested and field-ready. That can mean last-minute additions from the equipment department; parts that don’t exist might need to get invented; post has to figure out new workflows. It’s a challenge, but everyone is a pro in these departments. We’re all striving to make the best show we can and we’ve all been working together for years.

What equipment are you using?
Within the last season we shot on the Sony PMW-F3 with Angenieux zooms and Carl Zeiss Super Speeds, Sony PMW-EX3/EX1 and Canon EOS 5D Mk IIIs, EOS 5D Mk IIs and EOS 7Ds. We also always carried GoPros and Panasonic POV cameras.