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SpeedDrive for the Video Devices Pix-E Series Is a Must-Have is a premier supplier of aerial footage in Scandinavia, offering services to national and international film teams and providing access to an extensive image bank of high-quality Scandinavian content. Quality is the central reason we began to use Video Devices’ PIX-E5 recording monitor. The PIX-E5 is slightly smaller and lighter than the main competitor’s offering, which has proven to be helpful as our drone setup has evolved. The reason we wanted a recorder on the drone in the first place was to improve quality. The Apple ProRes 422 HQ capture that we get from the PIX-E5 is superior to the internal codecs on the cameras we use.

With the PIX-E5, it is very easy and inexpensive to get material from the drone to a computer using its SpeedDrive removable media. The SpeedDrive’s chassis can house an mSATA drive, which is capable of storage up to 1 TB. When connected to the rear of the PIX-E, the SpeedDrive’s USB 3.0 interface automatically switches to a SATA interface, which is well suited to record continuous high-data-rate 4K video. An added advantage of the SpeedDrive is that no special card reader or docking station is needed. I can simply unplug it from the back of the PIX-E5 and plug it into any USB computer port to quickly and easily transfer data.

We have used a few other recording monitors over the years, but these products cannot match the Video Devices PIX-E series in terms of size, build quality, usability, media storage and file transfer capabilities.

Björn Olin is founder of