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‘Southpaw’ Editor John Refoua Packs a Powerful Punch

“The hardest thing was to try to shorten it because there was so much good footage,” explains Southpaw editor John Refoua to the Editors Guild magazine, Cinemontage. “There are so many good scenes that aren’t in the movie, and a number are going to be on the DVD extras. We likened it to a 14-course meal. You just can’t eat all that great food, so you have to pick what you’re going to eat. We did a lot of experiments with shortening and lengthening scenes, taking scenes in and out. I think what we ended up with is the best we could do. When we got to the end, everyone was really happy that we found the best version.”

Read Debra Kaufman’s interview with Southpaw editor John Refoua on Boxing Day in July (July 29, 2015)