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Southern Illinois University Moves Toward HD with Bluefish444

During the department’s transition to a tapeless HD workflow, administrators at the Department of Mass Communications at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville needed a solution that would maintain support for their existing tape-based camera systems, allowing students to ingest material for access by numerous Avid Media Composer workstations.

The editing lab already has 10 Bluefish444 Epoch | Neutron cards, which provide high-quality SDI and HDMI video preview and offer the ability to capture material. The department recently added Bluefish444 Synapse ANA140 analog-to-SDI converters to allow ingest of analog video sources via SDI inputs on the Epoch | Neutron cards.

Epoch | Neutron card

IngeSTore software is bundled with all Bluefish444 cards. Combining this with the cards’ Open I/O support for Avid Media Composer allows the editing workstations to ingest DNxHD material from SDI sources in the background while continuing to edit in Media Composer with simultaneous SDI preview.

When researching a solution to meet the department’s needs, Wayne Mills, SIUE broadcasting engineer foreman, was inclined to favor products from Bluefish444. He explains, “I attended Avid Connect 2015, where I met Craige Mott, managing director of Bluefish444. I explained our issues, and Craige was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and demonstrated the solutions I was looking for. I did consider other converter products, but after reviewing our workflow and seeing how well the Neutron cards worked, going with Bluefish444 Synapse was an easy decision.”