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Sorenson Media Launches ‘Sorenson 360,’ High-Quality Web Video Delivery Network

Sorenson Media has announced the immediate availability of Sorenson 360, a Video Delivery Network (VDN) that enables video professionals and small- to medium-size businesses for the first time to easily publish the highest-quality video on their Web sites in minutes and at an affordable price. Sorenson Media’s flexible new VDN service greatly expands publishing opportunities in the flourishing market for Internet video and represents a significant extension of the company’s existing portfolio of industry-leading products. With Sorenson 360, Sorenson Media now offers a full suite of the high-quality and innovative services to power video over the Internet.

Sorenson 360 provides all the features of high-cost online video publishing platforms, but rather than the one-format-fits-all approach dictated by others, Sorenson 360 empowers clients with choice and pricing transparency. Customers benefit from support for multiple video file formats (MPEG-4, Flash) and customizable presets. Users interested in publishing high-quality video with the greatest simplicity, can upload their content directly to the Sorenson 360 VDN using any browser. For those needing maximum control and highest video quality, videos are seamlessly uploaded using the latest version of user-friendly Sorenson Squeeze 5. Either way, customers benefit from Sorenson Media’s award-winning client-side encoding that both optimizes video quality and erases costly hidden upload fees charged by competitors with inflexible server-based products.

Once video is uploaded to Sorenson 360, users have access to sophisticated meta-data features, such as viewer-tracking, embedded tags with keywords, detailed and dynamic real-time video analytics, data-rate control and professional-level player skins. An unlimited number of videos can be uploaded, managed and then embedded into any number of Web sites. The transaction, including account creation, takes fewer than five minutes and requires only a credit card. There is no lengthy contractual agreement.

“Crisp, vivid video is one of the most powerful tools for engaging people on the Internet today, but until now no company has offered a high-quality, full-service solution at a compelling price,” said Peter Csathy, Sorenson Media CEO. ”Sorenson 360 re-imagines what video publishing should be and is a game changer. The power of a high-quality, easy-to-use, all-in-one video solution is now finally available to anyone; and it comes from a name and company that video professionals know and trust.”

“Sorenson 360 has infinitely simplified my workflow. I can now encode video easily with Sorenson Squeeze and automatically publish it online quickly and seamlessly through Sorenson 360,” said Blake Heathcote, a Sorenson 360 beta user who produces videos for Random House of Canada as well as the Testaments of Honour project, which chronicles the personal stories of 700 Canadian World War II veterans. “Increasingly, video is becoming the common language of so many aspects of business. Sorenson 360 will allow me to streamline my video publishing process, which will open up new business opportunities and enable me to deliver the highest quality video content online effortlessly and effectively.”

Sorenson Media was an early pioneer in Internet video and has a 14-year record of quality and stability, another critical differentiator for clients looking for a service they can trust with their strategically important video assets. “Users can be confident of the continuing availability of their published Internet videos with our service, certainly something that is not a sure bet with other video publishing services now struggling to find a profitable business model,” Csathy said.

Sorenson 360 features include:

•  An elegant and streamlined UI and user experience
•  Intuitive browser-based encoding
•  Seamless integration with newly enhanced Sorenson Squeeze
•  Support for multiple video file formats (MPEG-4, Flash)
•  Video content management system
•  Sorenson 360 media player
•  Multiple video player sizes
•  Multiple professional player skins
•  Full screen mode
•  Send to a friend
•  Permalinks and embed codes
•  WordPress plug-in
•  Syndication controls
•  Dynamic real-time video analytics and viewing metrics
•  User controlled data rate
•  High-quality webcam capture

Sorenson 360 is now available in a variety of payment plans that start at US$99, which includes up to 2,500 video streams per month and 10GB of video storage (more than 500 videos). Unlike other products, Sorenson 360 pricing is easy-to-understand, fully transparent (with no upload or set-up fees) and designed to make the process of publishing videos online as painless as possible. For more information, visit