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Sony’s Upcoming New Sensor Will Shoot 6K at 240fps

Leaked information about Sony’s upcoming new sensor reveals that it will be capable of shooting 6K at 240fps and 2K at 16,0000 fps.

As NoFilmSchool’s Robert Hardy writes, “While those numbers are impressive, it’s the way in which this new sensor is designed that makes it truly innovative. Instead of using the traditional bayer method of color interpolation, where there are individual pixels for the red, green, and blue channels, the new sensor has pixels that can sample each of the three colors using a technology called Active Pixel Color Sampling. Essentially this means that the new sensors only need 1/3 of the pixels in order to output the same resolution. At 4.85 megapixels, a number that seems minuscule compared to many modern cameras, this new sensor will be able to output data roughly equivalent to a 15 megapixel sensor.”

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