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Sony Pictures Post Tackles ‘The Equalizer’

Several of Sony Pictures’ in-house companies collaborated to provide editorial, sound and color services for The Equalizer, a thriller directed by Antoine Fuqua.

Sony Pictures Post Production Services provided editorial facilities and technical support to editor John Refoua and his team, as well as sound editorial and sound mixing services to the teams led by supervising sound editor Mandell Winter, sound designer David Esparza and re-recording mixers Daniel J. Leahy and Steve Pederson. Editorial conforming and color grading were completed at Colorworks, Sony Pictures’ digital intermediate facility, with colorist Doug Delaney applying the final grade in one of Colorworks’ 4K DI theaters.

Sound and picture files, along with associated metadata, were stored on the Sony Pictures Production Backbone, a high-speed media storage and networking environment, making production elements accessible to everyone involved in the project.