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Sony Introduces New PVM-L2 Series Color Video CRT Monitors

WASHINGTON, D.C – Sony Electronics is introducing its PVM-L2line, a new series of Trinitron CRT professional color video monitors,which address a wide range of picture monitoring and productionapplications.

The new models, the PVM-9L2, PVM-14L2, and PVM-20L2 monitors,feature 8-, 13- and 19-inch screen sizes (viewable area, measureddiagonally), respectively.

Making their debut at the Government Video Expo, the PVM-L2 seriesare equipped to display both NTSC and PAL television formats withuncompromising picture quality. Successor to the company’s PVM-M2 line,the PVM-L2 monitors also provide enhanced input flexibility with aslot-in structure for a variety of decoder boards, which allow themonitors to integrate into any SD digital application.

“The new PVM-L2 monitors provide a level of flexibility unmatched inprofessional CRT monitors offered today,” said Robin Richards,marketing manager of video monitors for Sony Electronics’ BusinessSolutions and Systems Company. “The PVM-L2 series represents the bestprice-to-performance solution offered yet from Sony.”

For system flexibility, the PVM-14L2 and PVM-20L2 models featurestandard input connectors for composite, component, RGB and Y/C video.The PVM-9L2 monitor offers both composite and Y/C inputs.

Optional adaptors include SDI, SDI/SDTI-CP with audio decoding andanalog component inputs. This spring, Sony plans to introduce a newoptional BKM-155DV card, which will allow digital connection withsimple, compatible DV editing systems via a Sony i.LINK interface. Allof the PVM-L2 monitors display these formats in both 4:3 and 16:9aspect ratios.

The PVM-L2 series features Sony’s high-resolution Trinitron CRTpicture tubes. The PVM-14L2 and PVM-20L2 monitors display 600 TV linesof resolution, while the PVM-9L2 unit has 250 TV lines of resolution.The stunning picture performance of the monitors is augmented by Sony’snew digital comb filter design, which offers enhancedluminance/chrominance separation compared with the company’s previousM2 line and virtually eliminates cross-color interference.

The monitors also incorporate a new window-type On Screen Displaymaking monitor setup, adjustment and operation a snap.

With the PVM-L2 monitors, Sony continues to include a wide range ofproduction features such as Underscan, Selectable Color Temperature,Blue-Only Mode and Auto Chroma/Phase setup.

The monitors operate between AC 100V to 240V at 50/60 Hz. Foroperation in the field, the PVM-9L2 monitor can also be powered fromeither a 12V DC source or Sony camera battery pack (models BP-L90A,BP-L60A, BP-M50 or BP-M100).

Now available, the PVM-9L2 monitor is offered at a suggested listprice of $1,018, while the PVM-14L2 has a suggested list price of$1,360 and the PVM-20L2, $2,725. For more information about Sony, call1-800-686-7669 or visit the company’s Web site at