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Sony FS7 vs. Sony FS700

Cinematographer Robert Reese provides a side-by-side comparison of the Sony FS7 and Sony FS700 in the video below.

He explains, “I wanted to test the compatibility of color and range on the SONY FS700 and the SONY FS7. Using the Odyssey7Q and the Odyssey7Q+ I set both cameras up and shot this video. The cameras were set this way: FS7 4K REC709, Zeiss CP Prime f8 WB 5600. FS700 4k RAW Slog2, Ziess CP Prime f8 WB 5600 both recording 4K 30P. The Odyssey were set to 4K RAW -> 4k ProRes. Edited the color in DaVinci and edited the render to Vimeo in Adobe Premiere.”

Watch below.

FS7 and 700 side by side from Robert (Reese) Reese on Vimeo.