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Sony FS7 Delivers for Nepal Earthquake Newsgathering

When I traveled to Nepal earlier this year [to document the aftermath of the country’s April earthquake for VICE], I brought the Sony PXW-FS7 with me because I needed an ergonomic camera on what would be a fairly active shoot. I shot a lot of handheld, shoulder-mounted footage following people in different places. We were everywhere—on top of mountains, in vans, on the street. I don’t think I put the camera on a tripod the entire time I was in Nepal. The FS7’s ergonomics were helpful for operating in more of a run-and-gun situation.

The camera survived some very hot days. The backwards compatibility was also a lifesaver. I was able to deliver rushes and produce footage in a simple format that could be used easily by broadcasters.

Spencer Chumbley

As a freelancer, I’ve always been very conscious of budget, so I wanted a camera that wasn’t going to get replaced or become obsolete in two years. The 1080 workflow is going to continue to happen, so including features for broadcast delivery is crucial.

With ergonomics that are friendly to a run-and-gun shooter, a size that is easy to transport, and the ability to future-proof my work as technology moves toward 4K resolution, I have no doubt the FS7 will be on my shoulder as I capture more documentaries and breaking news in the U.S. and abroad.