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Sony Expands CineAlta Line with VTR and Processor(4)

Responding to digital cinematographers’ needs for high-quality image capture in the field,


has expanded its CineAlta line-up with the additions of the SRW-1 high-definition (HD) digital field videotape recorder and the SRPC-1 HD digital processor.

The SRW-1 and SRPC-1 can be battery- or DC-powered, and are designed as companions to Sony’s high definition HDC-F950 camera system. Connected by either a single fiber-optic cable or dual link coax, the portable SRW -1/SRPC-1 combination creates a fully portable, full-bandwidth 4:4:4 (RGB) real-time location image capturing system based on the HDCAM SR format.

The SRW-1 recording system can also be configured to receive and record the uncompressed HD SDI 4:2:2 output stream of the Sony HDW-F900 HDCAM camcorder, using MPEG-4 Studio Profile compression algorithm.

“Directors and directors of photography need the same high-quality image recording capabilities in the field as they do on set,” said Robert Willox, general manager of the content creation group in Sony Electronics’ Broadcast and Production Systems division. “These newest additions to the HDCAM SR line-up provide the portability and flexibility necessary to satisfy these requirements.”

The SRPC-1 processor houses an array of input and output connectors to handle HD and SD signals, 12 channels of digital audio and four channels of analog audio. The processor’s capabilities include 2-3 pull-down insertion, down-conversion and RGB – Y/Pb/Pr color space conversion.

Able to record 1080-line interlace at 50 Hz or 59.94 Hz, and 1080PsF at 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30 Hz, the SRW-1 exclusively uses a Sony BCT-40SR small shell half-inch HDCAM cassette, providing 50 minutes of recording at 1080i/24P or 40 minutes at 60i. In addition, the SRW-1 incorporates a powerful new capability of recording two, full-bandwidth 4:2:2 HD signals simultaneously onto one half-inch tape, allowing for 3-D stereo applications and for two-camera productions. Operating in this 2X mode, the SRW-1 achieves a combined video net data rate of approximately 900 Mbps with full error correction capability.

The compact SRPC-1 processor docks directly to the SRW-1 recorder, extending the acquisition flexibilities of the HDCAM SR field recording system. For long-form field acquisition, the SRPC-1 processor can daisy chain multiple SRW-1 recorders (up to a maximum of three units) to provide continuous recording time to 100 or 150 minutes of 1080/24P. In addition, a single SRPC-1 processor is capable of feeding two SRW-1 transports for redundant or backup mastering.

The SRPC-1 processor includes a fiber-optic cable interface that allows the HDC-F950 to connect directly to the SRW-1 at distances of up to 1,000 yards.

Complementing the format’s cameras, VTRs and accessories is Sony’s full line of BCT-SR Series HDCAM SR digital videocassettes. These cassettes use Sony’s most advanced metal tape technology, applying high performance particles 50 percent smaller than those used in HDCAM. The result is +6 to +7 dB higher output than HDCAM tape.

Planned future versions of the SRW-1 will also record native 720/60P formats.