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Sonic Debuts New DVD-Audio Creator Software

At the

2003 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC)


Sonic Solutions

introduced a new version of its

DVD-Audio Creator

software that adds significant performance enhancements and new features designed to enable audio professionals and mastering studios to streamline their DVD-Audio title production. The DVD-Audio format has been steadily gaining in popularity, and Sonic’s DVD-Audio Creator authoring systems allow the creation of high-definition audio titles that deliver an extremely high-quality surround-sound listening and interactive experience for consumers.

“DVD-Audio title preparation has come of age, and the new capabilities of Sonic’s DVD-Audio Creator system allow our customers to be more productive than ever,” said Markus Hintz, managing director of

MediArte GmbH

, Sonic’s European distributor for DVD-Audio Creator, based in Munich, Germany. “Sonic has made it extremely easy for professional audio facilities to offer high-end DVD-Audio services in a streamlined and efficient fashion.”

Sonic DVD-Audio systems, used to produce many DVD-Audio titles intended for commercial releases, are available in two versions. DVD-Audio Creator provides users with support for hybrid DVD-Audio/DVD-Video title production, and

DVD-Audio Creator LE

is designed for focused DVD-Audio title production.

“The demand for DVD-Audio titles is increasing, and our DVD-Audio Creator systems are designed to keep pace with the exciting and rapidly evolving high-definition audio market,” said Dietrick Hardwick, product manager for Sonic’s Professional Products Group. “Our new software is designed to deliver dramatically increased throughput and the comprehensive high-density audio creation capabilities our customers demand.”

New in DVD-Audio Creator

  • Newly combined authoring and command edit UI provides for streamlined production and eliminates extra compiling tasks
  • Template-based authoring allows for faster turn-around on similar titles
  • Expanded support for PGC Block titles designed to provide music producers with more title design flexibility by allowing multi-channel and stereo audio streams to be placed within the same PGC

About DVD-Audio Creator and DVD-Audio Creator LE

DVD-Audio Creator is a full-specification DVD-Audio authoring system that represents the culmination of over four years of research and development to enable the most efficient creation of fully-featured, compatible DVD-Audio titles. Combined with

Sonic Scenarist


DVD Creator


DVD Fusion

, DVD-Audio Creator is equipped to format both single- and dual-layer titles in the industry-standard ‘Universal’ DVD format, enabling content holders to publish titles that are “backward-compatible” with the millions of DVD-Video players installed worldwide.

DVD-Audio Creator LE is a Limited Edition version built on the DVD-Audio Creator technology; it includes the ability to author all nine DVD-Audio title groups with 99 tracks per group, sequential and browseable slideshows, CPPM copy protection, and menus for accessing either High-Density Audio in Meridian Loss Packing (MLP) or LPCM formats, DTS or Dolby Digital audio streams, and MPEG-2 motion video. Running on

Windows 2000

, DVD-Audio Creator LE can be used in conjunction with Scenarist, DVD Creator or DVD Fusion to provide the ultimate DVD authoring suite. Sonic provides a complete upgrade path from DVD-Audio Creator LE to the full version of DVD-Audio Creator.

About DVD-Audio

The DVD-Audio format is the result of close collaboration among major recording companies, consumer electronics manufacturers and technology suppliers and builds on the success of the DVD-Video format. The format incorporates breathtakingly accurate audio reproduction by supporting sampling rates of 96kHz and 192kHz with up to 24 bits of information per sample (compared to the CD standard of 44.1kHz and 16 bits per sample).

With DVD-Audio, full-resolution audio can be presented in stereo or in any channel combination up to six-channel surround. Audio programs can be accessed interactively and presented along with visual material including menus, slides and text. With DVD-Audio, it is possible to use high-resolution, 24-bit, 96kHz audio on all six channels of a surround presentation. DVD-Audio also permits the addition of video tracks, including many of the features that have made DVD-Video such a runaway success.