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‘Song of Lahore’ Tells a Story of Pakistan Through Music

Documentary filmmakers Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Andy Schocken’s film Song of Lahore tells the story of Sachal Studios, a group of Pakistani musicians who infuse jazz with their own traditional music. The film follows their trajectory from YouTube stars to playing a sold-out concert with Wynston Marsalis at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Obaid-Chinoy tells Indiewire, “Music is a universal language and this film is testament to the fact that you can have people who don’t speak the same language, who don’t share a culture, don’t share religion, live worlds apart, people who don’t read music, people who read music, who come together to just play music. When you play music, you don’t need a language. Music is a language. And when anybody watches the film, it resonates with them, whether you know Pakistan or not, whether you’re familiar with our politics or not, that language of music permeates and everybody relates to it. “