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SmartSound Announces Music Plug-in for Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio v15

New Sonicfire Pro Plug-in Adds Custom Instrument Mixing and Music Scoring Ease to Any Avid® and Pinnacle Studio Video Production.

SmartSound Software, Inc., a leader in fully-customizable royalty-free music and soundtrack creation software, has announced a new Plug-in for Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio v15 video editing software. Recently released, the new Plug-in adds SmartSound’s Sonicfire Pro music scoring ease and versatility to Avid and Pinnacle Studio video production platforms.

“Our new Sonicfire Pro Plug-in for both Avid and Pinnacle Studio video software is a breakthrough product that adds unmatched music soundtrack controls to the popular video production platform,” said Kevin Klingler, CEO of SmartSound Software, Inc. “The new Plug-in lets videographers interactively search through thousands of music tracks, right from within the Pinnacle and Avid Studio workflow. The selected track, which is automatically sized to fit the video length, can then be easily mixed, scored to support changing visuals, and brought directly into the Studio video project. The Studio Plug-in, in conjunction with our Sonicfire Pro soundtrack software, enables advanced interactive music track selection and control from within the Avid and Pinnacle Studio software.”

“With more than 12 million Pinnacle Studio versions world-wide, the integration of Sonicfire Pro music scoring via the new SmartSound Plug-in will be a significant value-add to the users of these versions,” said Uwe Pfizenmaier, product manager for the Studio product line at Avid Inc. “The ability to interactively score and customize high quality royalty free music tracks from within the Pinnacle and Avid Studio production environment will greatly help Studio users create more exciting and dynamic HD videos.”

Uniting video and audio production environments, the new Plug-in for Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio v15 puts Sonicfire Pro soundtrack control right inside the Studio video software. Music tracks, automatically fitted to the exact video length, can also be easily customized to support shifts in visual mood and action. Music is always generated with beginning, middle and ending segments to sound custom-composed for each scene. Multiple music arrangements, via Sonicfire Pro’s Variations feature, are available in addition to real-time interactive instrument layer controls with SmartSound’s Multi-Layer music products. SmartSound’s patented ability to customize music length, arrangement and instrument mix is interactive in real-time from within the Avid and Pinnacle Studio video production environment.

• Unites Avid/Pinnacle Studio and SmartSound Sonicfire Pro production environments
• Interactively adjusts audio tracks to fit defined video length
• Supports dynamic resizing of soundtracks from the video editing timeline
• Automatically creates music with defined beginning, middle and end sections
• Provides music track customization to support changing video visuals and moods
• Enables multiple musical arrangements through Sonicfire Pro’s “Variations” feature
• Delivers mixing of individual instrument tracks with SmartSound’s Multi-Layer music products
• For Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio v15 video editing software (PC Windows Versions)
• Includes 10 Multi-Layer customizable royalty free music tracks (1000’s more available for purchase)

Available for $29.95 from SmartSound and Avid.

SmartSound will be found at the NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 11-14) at booth SL7410.