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SLS Loudspeakers Unveils New Line Array

SLS Loudspeakers introduced the RLA/4 (LS7500) full-range, bi-amped true line source array module at InfoComm 2006. The RLA/4 was developed for a wide range of applications, from permanent sound reinforcement installations in churches, auditoriums, arenas, and performing arts centers to a professional portable PA systems, with the highest performance characteristics expected from an SLS product.

“Although the RLA/4 is compact in size, it meets SPL line array performance requirements for a wide variety of venues,” says Tom Harrison, director of engineering for SLS. “Its high-frequency section features a high-performance PRD500 planar ribbon transducer designed and manufactured by SLS. The unique design and properties of the planar ribbon driver allow precise acoustical coupling of the array and hence, full utilization of line source [cylindrical waves] benefits.”

The low-frequency section uses two high-powered 6.5in. drivers using a demodulation ring magnet system providing a third less harmonic distortion and reducing inductance modulation by 50 percent. This provides an open and clear sound despite loud listening levels. Additionally, the low-frequency drivers feature a die-cast basket with a patented Intercooler system.

The high-frequency section consists of a direct radiating planar PRD500 ribbon high-frequency line source module that delivers unsurpassed sound quality and crystal clear articulation due to the advanced transducer technology.

The system offers 90-degree wide symmetrical horizontal coverage and offers SLS” free LASS prediction software that visually shows the ideal setup locations for even, predictable sound coverage of any room. Each RLA/4 module is designed for bi-amplification. All array rigging is included on the cabinet, which is made from sturdy 3/4in. 13-ply Baltic Birch and includes splay options from 1 to 10 degrees between boxes.

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