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Sing Along with the Screens of Times Square for February’s Midnight Moment

Times Square Arts’s Midnight Moment for February is a karaoke sing-along. Artist Alex Da Corte’s Blue Moon–presented in partnership with the Whitney Museum of American Art’s exhibit “Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905–2016”–will run on Times Square’s digital billboards every night this month from 11:57 PM to midnight.

In the piece, Da Corte splashes a surreal, theatrical portrait across Times Square, featuring a man holding a crescent moon and crooning along to the classic Rodgers and Hart song “Blue Moon” as the loving and lonely lyrics appear karaoke-style at the bottom of the screen. The work features pop-art colors to brighten the winter sky, and a wry perspective on the dreams in our hearts and our prospects for finding a love of our own.

“I thought it apt to make a karaoke video for Time Square where the sound of the city would overpower any karaoke song of choice,” says Da Corte. “It allows the performance to be without flaws, an ideal, an American idol….like watching someone land on the Moon.”

“Times Square is like a giant open-air drive-in movie house, a combination of spectacle, TV and theatre,” says Chrissie Iles, curator of The Whitney. “Alex Da Corte’s Midnight Moment video introduces a dreamlike cinematic presence. The artist sings the 1934 popular ballad “Blue Moon” in a costume and background that evokes the movie theaters and stages of Times Square from the 1930s to the 1950s, at the height of the musical’s popularity, transforming cinematic spectacle into an intimate collective experience.”