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‘Sicario’ Director Denis Villeneuve on Working with the ‘Poetic and Powerful’ Roger Deakins

Director Denis Villeneuve talks to Film & Digital Times about working with Roger Deakins on his latest film Sicario, which opened at Cannes this past week.

Says Villeneuve, “We were inspired by the work of Alex Webb, a photographer Roger likes for his composition and use of shadows, silhouettes, and colors. We were mostly inspired by the desert. I said to Roger, ‘We must face the fact that we will work in harsh conditions, often with light that will make you unhappy. How could we approach that and still have pleasure even when the light is not good?’ I came up with the idea that the characters would be in silhouette, walking in the desert, and we would not fight the light, but embrace it. Roger was quite stimulated by that, and we approached Sicario that way. Roger is a very strong storyteller. When we are designing a shot, he focuses on storytelling firstand aesthetics come after. I must say I had the feeling I was working with someone who saw things that other people do not see. He brings from nature and recreatesnature in a very poetic and powerful way.”

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