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SiblingRivalry Captures Jay Z’s Midas Touch In Gold Jay Z Film

All that glitters is gold in the new film created by Sibling Rivalry for Jay Z’s new signature men’s fragrance Gold Jay Z. The film was commissioned by agency KBS+P as a centerpiece for its innovative launch campaign that includes an interactive Macy’s window, in-store displays, and digital.

“This is Jay Z’s signature fragrance, so we wanted to capture the power and style of the man but also the sensuality of the fragrance at the same time,” explains Izzy DeBellis, KBS+P’s Co-Chief Creative Officer. “We needed to find the right balance of personality and product to make it all work, since it’s easy for anything associated with him to be dominated by the mere mention of Jay Z’s name.”

In the film, gold becomes the central character, shifting and responding to changing light as a woman is enrobed in metallic liquid.

“With Jay Z, everything he touches turns to gold and this was the inspiration point for the film,” comments SiblingRivalry Creative Director Joe Wright. “In the film, liquid gold responds to light shifts and the human form, which was edited to reflect the art of the music video. The agency and client were as excited as we to produce something that is part art film, part brand launch. It gave us plenty of room to experiment.”

SiblingRivalry filmed model Heidy De La Rosa holding long poses while being dripped with gold paint. During each shot, a specialty rig altered the lighting, which responded to the glittery liquid, and appears to morph in density and luminosity as it covers De La Rosa. The film’s pulsing edit intercuts the gold-splashed De La Rosa with shots of the Gold Jay Z fragrance bottle. The bottle’s gold cap was designed by Jacob The Jeweler and is emblazoned with Jay Z’s words of encouragement: Courage, Power, Confidence, Success, Strength and Pride.

The fragrance officially launched in over 2,000 stores nationwide on Black Friday and a percentage of the proceeds benefit The Shawn Carter Foundation, which provides college scholarships to students with financial need.