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Short Professional Online Video Clips Rival Television For Entertainment Value

Frank N. Magid Associates Study, Sponsored By Metacafe, Reveals That Short-Form Content Dominates The Most Popular Forms Of Online Video.

Palo Alto, CA – Frank N. Magid Associates, the world leader in research-based consultation, and Metacafe today released survey results revealing consumer behavior and preferences in online video viewing.

Notably, the survey found that short professional videos are among those most regularly watched online, and well over one-third of consumers (37%) who watch these clips online find them equally or more entertaining than full-length TV shows on their television set.

“There’s no doubt that online video viewership has reached critical mass, and its growing popularity indicates that online video is fast becoming an entertainment genre in its own right,” said Mike Vorhaus, president of Magid Advisors.  “Short professionally created videos dominate online viewing, especially among younger consumers, which underscores the need for brand advertisers to expand their marketing efforts beyond both traditional television and online TV.”

“Today’s consumers expect choice in and demand control over their entertainment experiences,” said Erick Hachenburg, CEO of Metacafe.  “The answer is not video sharing.  Nor is it online TV.  The answer is a choice of quality content that consumers find appealing.  Many consumers clearly find short high-quality online video equal or superior to TV programming. Metacafe is delivering on these imperatives better than anyone else, and meeting the needs of consumers, content creators and brand advertisers alike.”

The nationally representative study conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates surveyed nearly 2,000 people between the ages of 12 and 64, with gender, age and ethnicity matching that of the U.S. Census.

Key findings include:
•    Eight of the top-ten most watched types of online video are short-form, including:
1.    Videos shot and uploaded by consumers, with 43% of respondents watching regularly
2.    News stories (32%)
3.    Music videos (31%)
4.    Movie previews (29%)
5.    Comedy/jokes/bloopers (26%)
For the full list, please download the complete summary of survey findings at
•    Many people of all ages and both genders are watching short professional videos online – ranging from males 25-34, where 64% of this group is watching such content, to females 55-64, where this content is least popular.  Nonetheless, 39% of the older female group is also watching short professional video online.
•    37% of consumers who watch short professional videos online find them equally or more entertaining than full-length TV shows on a television set.
•   43% of all Internet users watch online videos weekly.
­    70% of males 18-24 watch weekly, including the 25% who watch daily.
­    56% of females 12-17 watch weekly, including the 13% who watch daily.
­    30% of all 55-64 year olds watch online videos weekly.
•    Weekly online video viewers are heavy traditional and new media consumers.
­    70% of weekly online video viewers play video games regularly, compared to 47% of non-online video viewers.
­    41% of weekly online video viewers own a personal digital media player for music and video, compared to 23% of non-online video viewers.
­    28% of weekly online video viewers rent DVDs weekly, compared to 17% of non-online video viewers.
­    11% of weekly online video viewers own a smartphone, compared to 7% of non-online video viewers.
•    34% of TV viewers also use their computer at least half the time while watching TV.
•    20% of all online videos viewers report that they watch less TV as a direct result of using online video

This research is part of the Magid Media FuturesTM Practice, which surveys consumers annually to identify trends and help clients implement product and marketing strategies that address them. The online video portion of the 2009 study was sponsored by Metacafe.    A complete summary of the online video portion of the Magid Media Futures 2009 is available for download at  The study was conducted the last week in April, 2009.

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