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Short Film ‘Zari’: Just Your Basic Dog-and-Robot Story

Ivan Kander of Short of the Week writes about “Zari”, a short film about a somewhat retro robot and a very contemporary dog. “Slow moving and nearly dialogue free,” he writes, “‘Zari’ isn’t the type of film we often feature on Short of the Week. After all, as curators for an online environment, we tend to be very cognizant of pace when viewing films. I won’t make excuses. This is a patient film—perhaps too patient for your average online viewer (there will be desire to scrub ahead).” 

Director Courtney Marsh explains her thinking in creating the film: “‘In late 2011, I had to travel home to Florida because my dog was dying. As I sat there, he on my lap, his life slipping away, unable to speak to one another, there was a silent connection I couldn’t shake. Something that transcended communication, something that brought us to the same level of being. This was also around the time when Apple’s SIRI had just been introduced and I wondered if one day, when artificial intelligence advances to become part of our household, alongside our pets, what will our relationship to it be like? Will household robots have an inner world of their own? And if they do, will we be able to notice?’”

And here’s “Zari.”

ZARI from Courtney N Marsh on Vimeo.