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Sheep Overtake Times Square for This Month’s ‘Midnight Moment’

Every night, for a few minutes around midnight, Time Square is being taken over by a ranch in Wyoming.

This month’s Midnight Moment is dedicated to filmmaker and theatrical video artist Tal Yarden’s Counting Sheep, which features expansive and peaceful imagery of roaming sheep that are played across the Square’s giant billboards. 

 “Sheep are a symbol of sleeping, dreaming, passing over into a new threshold and seemed perfect for the month leading to our New Year,” Times Square arts director Sherry Dobbin tells The Creators Project

“[It’s] not so much to count sheep as to rediscover themselves as individuals with a sense of place in the universe,” says Yarden. “The video is a meditation, an opening to peace within ourselves. Maybe it sounds hokey but I want people to find peace. Peace to sleep well, peace to be awake with hope and peace to be with each other.”

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