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‘The Shape of Water’ and the Amorphous (Amphibious) Nature of Love

"There is a common theme in all my films and that is, 'All we have is each other.'"

The Shape of Wate

r is being tapped as the definitive adult fairy tale of our time,”

writes Martine Olivier


Discussing the film,

director Guillermo Del Toro explains.

 “The film is a story about love: love is understanding and not transformation.

“There is a common theme in all my films and that is, ‘All we have is each other.'” To view the full interview,

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“Like so many of [Del Toro’s] other movies, it doesn’t fit into one genre,”

explains Rachel Martin

. “It’s a love story and a musical, fantasy and thriller. And at the center of it all is a being that is both hideous and perfect at the same time.”

“The movie is about connecting with the ‘other,’ quote, unquote,” Del Toro tells Martin. “You know, the idea of empathy, the idea of how we do need each other to survive – and that’s why the original title in the screenplay when I wrote it was ‘A Fairy Tale for Troubled Times,’ because I think that this is a movie that is incredibly pertinent and almost like an antidote to a lot of the cynicism and disconnect that we experience day to day in almost every medium.” To read the full interview,

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The Shape of Water

is a hybrid it is difficult to imagine any other director pulling off sucessfully,”

writes Christopher Orr

. “It is at once a monster picture, a romantic fable, an ode to classic cinema, a parable of tolerance, and an espionage thriller.

“Most of all, the film, like del Toro’s 2006 masterpiece,

Pan’s Labyrinth

, plays simultaneously as a fantastical dream and as a story set in a very recognizable time and place. If the phrase magical realism hadn’t already been coined, someone would have to coin it quickly.” To read the full article,

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