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Sennheiser Accompanies Research Scientist to the Arctic

Old Dominion University research scientist and oceanographer Victoria Hill recently set off for the Barneo ice base, a floating temporary ice camp run by the Russian Geographical Society near the North Pole, to study the effect of sunlight on the Arctic and the rapid retreat of sea ice. Before leaving for Barneo, Hill packed necessities including her ice boots, extreme cold mittens, many pairs of thermal socks and a Sennheiser ew 112-p G3 transmitter, receiver and lavalier system. Mandated to share her research findings with the general public, Hill took A/V matters into her own hands and started a video blog, Outreach from the Arctic, which captures the broad scope of her experiences on location.

Hill says she chose the Sennheiser ew 112-p G3 because of its audio quality, ease of use and durability. “My husband, who does A/V production at Old Dominion University, helped me choose the Sennheiser gear. He told me that people will forgive less than perfect video quality, but if they can’t hear the audio clearly, they will not watch it. It has since provided superb sound and has really played a critical role in my video productions.” Hill notes that her ew 112-p G3 has demonstrated remarkable battery life, which she says is always challenging in the extreme cold.