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Seinfeld Web Series Hits the Road with ARRI Alexa Mini

I recently used ARRI’s Alexa Mini on season 7 of Crackle’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the web series created by comedian Jerry Seinfeld. In each episode, Seinfeld drives himself and a comic guest in a specially made and/or vintage car to someplace where they can grab a coffee and talk.

The series has used a variety of cameras, but for this season, cinematographer John Taggart chose the new Alexa Mini. As we are always on the go, it has been a convenient camera setup for our team. The lightweight Alexa Mini, with its accessory options and quality output, fits our run-and-gun style of shooting.

ARRI cameras on season 7

As a Steadicam operator, I think of the Mini like a Lego set because we can build the camera any way we like with regard to accessories, inertia and power. My camera is always the wide two-shot when filming, which includes many walking and talking scenes. With the proper accessories and mounting options, I can zoom, focus, iris level, power, listen and record my shot with ease.

The most challenging part of shooting the show is the dancing that takes place among the operators, making sure we don’t get in each other’s shots. Since this is essentially an unscripted talk show, we don’t know what we are about to do before we do it. The Alexa Mini camera package allows me to be as prepared as possible for wherever we are shooting.

Jessica Lopez is a Steadicam operator.