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See Test Footage from the Blackmagic URSA’s New 4.6K Sensor

Blackmagic Design has posted test footage with the Blackmagic URSA’s new 4.6K sensor.

Captain Hook, who shot the footage, writes in a Blackmagic forum that he shot it as a one-man band around the city. “Personally I think we’ve made a BIG improvement on color–color that I already really liked which led me to first purchase the BMCC as a customer,” he writes. “I think the improvement in color is just as big as the improvement on dynamic range. With DR, so far in my experience I think it’s safe to say that whatever you rate the Pocket Camera to be, add roughly 2 stops. 1 stop in the highlights, and another stop in the shadows.”

See the footage here on Blackmagic Design’s site (scroll down for the video). (via RedShark News)