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See Some of Panasonic’s Invite-Only VariCam 35 Presentation from NAB Show

DVInfo’s Adam Wilt shares some slides from Panasonic’s invite-only presentation on the VariCam 35 and AG-DVX200 from NAB Show.

He writes, “The VariCam 35 has two analog readout circuits on the sensor, one optimized for a native 5000 EI readout. At 5000 the Varicam is only slightly noisier than at ISO 800, such that Panasonic recommends shooting at 5000 with NDs instead of boosting the ISO 800 gain a stop or two! It works; I saw demos at the Tech Retreat of live ISO 5000 images, shot in near-darkness, with exceedingly low noise. The main noise contribution in this setting isn’t dark-current or fixed-pattern noise, but ‘shot noise’ from individual photons striking each photosite.”

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