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See Camera Tests with the ARRI Alexa XT B+W Camera

Oren Soffer shares the camera tests that he and Zack Terry performed with the ARRI Alexa XT B+W camera, including shooting with it in infrared.

He writes on NoFilmSchool, “The Alexa XT B+W camera is like any other camera in the Alexa line in terms of its design, ergonomics, and overall build, with a few minor modifications: the Bayer mask, optical low-pass filter (OLPF) and IR block filters have all been removed from the front of the sensor. By removing the Bayer mask, the camera does not see nor record any type of color information, instead creating a monochromatic grayscale image. As a result of removing the Bayer filter, each pixel on the sensor array records the entire spectrum of visible light (as opposed to just the green, blue or red portions of the spectrum), which significantly increases the resolution of the image, extends the dynamic range of the camera to over 15 stops, and increases the native sensitivity of the sensor to 2000 ISO.”

Read the full story here and watch some of the tests below.