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See 15 Different Lenses Tested on the Sony FS7

Marek Budzynski tests out 15 different lenses from Sony, Canon, Samyang, and ARRI with the Sony FS7.

Lenses tested are:

Sony 28-135mm E Mount
Sony 16-35mm E Mount
Canon 16-35mm EF Mount
Canon 24-70mm EF Mount
Canon 70-200mm EF Mount
Samyang 14mm EF Mount
Samyang 24mm EF Mount
Samyang 35mm EF Mount
Samyang 50mm EF Mount
Samyang 85mm EF Mount
Sony 35mm PL Mount
Sony 50mm PL Mount
Sony 85mm PL Mount
ARRI Alura 18-80mm PL Mount
ARRI Alura 45-250mm PL Mount

Watch below.

FS7 Lens comparison test 15 different lenses from Sony, Canon, Samyang to Arri from Marek Budzynski on Vimeo.